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Little by little

January 14, 2010

One of the things that’s been tough at times, but absolutely necessary to success on this weight loss journey, is reminding myself to set small, incremental goals that are achievable. When you have a lot of weight to lose, you want your body to snap right into shape when you start eating right and exercising. But as the old movie says, Reality Bites.

Someone told me once during one of my unsuccessful attempts at a fad diet a few years ago, you put this weight on over a period of years, so you can’t expect it to come off in a month. That makes a lot of sense, and it comes back to me a lot now. Which is a good thing, because there’s a lot of irrationality that goes into staying overweight. You know, the type of irrationality that makes you think the diet cola cancels out the fried chicken sandwich with french fries you order for dinner at the drive-thru window. It’s the same logic that kicks in when you workout for the first time in years and think you should be ten pounds lighter the next morning.

So setting small goals takes a shift in mindset for many of us who have a good bit of weight to lose and are ready to get to that final goal. But that final goal, while good to have, can become quickly overwhelming when you’re losing safe, sustainable amounts of weight each week. Right now – I’m taking it five pounds at a time, and I’m accepting that reconstructing thirty is a long-term project. But I will get there – little by little.

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