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Cabin Fever

February 12, 2010

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Snow can really be a royal pain.  Even if it is amazingly beautiful, that beauty belies an instigating punk that will pistol-whip you quicker than you can drop down and gimme 20 snow angels.  I’m not talking about the obvious havoc that Jack Frost and his minion snow flakes wreak on the highways, or the slick ice that can quite literally take you down, pratfall style.  No, I’m talking about a much more insidious and sneaky way that snow jerks you around: Cabin Fever.

I live in Atlanta, and we get a decent snowfall about once a year.  Anything more than a dusting shuts the city down.  I heard on the news tonight that the City of Atlanta owns one single snow plow – which actually makes good economic sense seeing as we only use the blasted thing once a year, if that.  The downside of this lack of experience with snow is the inevitable shut down I mentioned – schools close, and businesses shut down early, except for supermarkets, because there’s an inevitable run on bread and milk (even by those with gluten allergies and lactose intolerance – I’m telling you, snow messes with our brains down here in the Deep South).

So my office closed early, and I was home from 2:30 this afternoon on.  I love the snow – I really do, but with me trying to watch what I eat, the last thing I need to do is get home four to five hours earlier than I normally would, and then have the streets be impassable so as to keep me locked in with my food and nowhere to go.  Should I have started a writing project or something else to keep my mind occupied?  Absolutely.  What did I do, though?  I ate chili.  And popcorn.  And a reduced fat blueberry muffin.  And…  Well, you get the picture.  The pot of chili seemed like the thing to do – something warm, and not too terrible calorie-wise, but I ended up grazing on the warm stew (a spoon here, a spoon there), until I finally just gave in and ate dinner a little after 4:00 (!), which is very early for me.  I know thirty is starting to get up there, but I like to fancy myself a couple decades away from the Floridian early-bird special crowd.  So having eaten much earlier than normal, I then got hungry again late evening, leading to the grazing I mentioned.  Not on bad foods, but I surely didn’t need all that I had, even of fairly health foods!  I did exercise, so at least I’ve got that going for me, and I may jump on the treadmill yet again tonight.

Last week was a no loss week for me, and as of this morning, I had lost 1.5 pounds since last Saturday.  We’ll see if my cabin fever grazing reverses that loss at my official Saturday weigh-in tomorrow morning.  All I can say is if it does, Old Man Winter better sleep with one eye open – I’ll get the cold-hearted SOB back.

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