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Philosophizing Through a Prince Song

February 25, 2010

The other morning I was driving to work listening to satellite radio, and an old Prince song came on the air.  Little did I know it would end up giving me a confidence boost for my weight loss efforts.  I was in traffic and bored to no end, and since I was trying not to pick up my iPhone to check e-mail or Facebook, since every talk show, news station, and corner preacher in the country has guilted me out of texting while driving, I just started rocking out to the Prince song.  I’m not a huge Prince fan, and I’d never really paid attention to the lyrics, so my part went something like, “LIVIN’ CODE RED!, da da da da da… Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo, LIVIN’ CODE RED!…”  You get the picture.

You might be saying to yourself that you’ve never heard a Prince song with those lyrics.  You’d be absolutely right.  One of the wonders of satellite radio is looking down at the screen to see the name of the song and who sings it.  It caught my eye that morning, because I realized this was one of those songs where I’d been hearing (and singing) the wrong frikkin’ lyrics for the past 20+ years.  What I’d always sung as “Livin’ Code Red” was actually “Little Red Corvette!’

Huh.  It took me a minute to readjust my brain to this new reality – and I wasn’t sure which version I liked better, the real lyrics or the ones I’d made up in my head since the 80’s.  Then I started thinking (giving up my iPhone in the car has freed up tons of time for thinking about useless crap), and it hit me that it was fitting I finally heard these lyrics correctly.  For my entire life, I’d been livin’ code red – eating poorly, not exercising, not getting proper rest, and generally treating my body like a beat up used car.  Since I’ve been making these lifestyle changes, I’m well on my way from” livin’ code red,” to having a “little red Corvette” body – sleek, strong, and sexy as hell.  I’m not there yet, but I’m well on my way.  Clear the road…

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