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Mixed Bag: Lost Weight, Still Room for Progress

February 27, 2010


This week was kind of weird.  On the upside, to start off, my weekly weigh-in this morning came in at 253.0 pounds!!!!!  That’s six pounds down from last week and 47.5 pounds lost all total, now!  I haven’t weighed this since sometime in 2002, and getting back to it is kind of unbelievable; my brain is still adjusting.  Last week my mom asked what I was down to, and I kept responding 285.  She questioned it, but I was insistent.  I had to really think about it for a minute, and I realized, oh yeah, I’m in the 250’s now.  I knew what I weighed, but my subconscious was so used to me being a much bigger guy that it couldn’t get the numbers right without me giving it some conscious thought.  (Either that or turning thirty really is a bitch when it comes to memory).  Anyhow, that little incident was eye-opening.

So I’m ecstatic (written in my best Mike Tyson impersonation) about my loss this week.  But I’ve gotten to the point where this reconstruction isn’t all about the numbers on the scale.  I also have goals with my nutrition and exercise, and I like to meet them, too.  While I lost this week, and I lost a lot, I didn’t do my best with nutrition and exercise.  Exercise was non-existent, even after a great session with my trainer last Saturday that should have motivated my lazy tail.  Nutrition was good, but I didn’t take my lunch to work at all, and I ended up not planning my meals carefully.  I stayed well within a weight-loss calorie range, and I chose healthy foods, but I could have been more consistent with meal times, etc.  All in all, not terrible with nutrition, but it could have been a little better.

So today’s a mixed bag in a way.  I’m happy about my loss, worried that starting up with exercise after a week will lead to weight gain or stagnation, and ready to get back in my normal groove with meal times, packing my lunch, and planning my week ahead.  I guess that makes me a little conflicted, but if I’m going to be conflicted, I’d much rather do it 6 pounds lighter than I was last week!  By the way, I ran across a new blog this week, thanks to a link from my blogging friend Andrew, called The Fat Lazy Guy’s Log.  It’s where Kepa, of New Zealand, blogs about his journey from over 500 pounds to less than 220 pounds!!!  Be sure, too, to check out his progress video while you’re there.  It really is amazing and very inspiring.

  1. February 27, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    LOL @ Mike Tyson. Too funny.

    Six pounds…wow. That is just so great. I’m unbelievably jealous! way to go!!!!

  2. March 8, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    I know what you mean. Every time I look in the mirror or thing of myself I still see the fat guy and I tend to forget that I fit into a size Medium now and I’m almost under 180 lbs. I think the adjustment will take a while but I’m enjoying the new me myself. You go and do the same!

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