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Weekly Weigh-In: An Amazing Weekend!

May 23, 2010 12 comments

This has been an amazing weekend on the Reconstructing 30 front!  And I’ve been enjoying it too much to take time out to blog until now.  First of all, the weather is spectacular here in the Atlanta area this weekend.  It’s hot (90+ degrees today), but it’s not yet humid, so it’s been an amazing weekend to have lunches on patios (check), and then get some work and blogging done in a glass coffee shop with views of the skyline (check).

My weekend started with my weigh in.  I was at Read more…


Weekly Weigh-In: Everything's Bigger in Texas?

May 15, 2010 10 comments

Well – I’ve taken Reconstructing 30 on the road this weekend.  I’m in my adopted hometown of Houston!  I lived here for a little over three years, and I really did love it.  Houston isn’t for everyone, and it’s very much a car-based city, but it really has some amazing assets, including the Texas Medical Center (the world’s largest!), some really beautiful neighborhoods with fantastic parks and museums, and wonderfully friendly people.  If you’ve never visited Houston, here’s a taste of it – convention and visitors’ bureau style:

So I’m here to take care of a bit of business (if you know of anyone who wants to buy a beautiful 2BR/2BA condo near the Texas Medical Center and Rice University, send them my way!), but the nice side benefit is getting to see my wonderful friends here in Houston.  Which includes visiting some of Houston’s amazing restaurants…  Am I making perfect choices that would lead to consistent weight loss if I ate these things on a daily basis?  No.  Am I making mainly healthy choices, controlling portions, and eating better than I would have if I were here six months ago?  Absolutely.

And that starts to sum up the lessons of the past week for me, which are really the lessons that are the culmination of an experience that’s been going on for three or four weeks now.  Read more…

Help Me Eradicate Driving While Dining – DWD

May 13, 2010 6 comments

Today I saw two people doing something that really chaps my hide.  Eating.  In their cars.  While driving!  I won’t say that I’ve never been guilty of this, but it irritates me now for a few different reasons.  First, I’ve always been really turned off by sloppy eaters.  You know, the ones who slurp their soup, crunch their chips too loudly, smack when eating something sticky, have stuff running down their chins, etc.  It drives me nuts, too put it mildly.  I’m hardly a prude, but I do think when you eat, unless you are one of the .0000003% of us who really was raised by wolves, you should kind of try to be as normal/least gross as possible.

Thus the problem with the car eaters.  They feel safe in their cars (just like all the nose-pickers on wheels out there), so they stop by a drive-through window, order some high fat, sloppy food, and then go at it like a hungry cheetah taking down it’s prey, thinking none of us can see the pure, animalistic passion with which they consume their cheesesteak, taco, french fries, or whatever else.  The clear windows that everyone else can see through providing a buffer between them and the outside world.  Like the guy I got behind today on my way home from work.  I couldn’t tell what he was eating, but it was messy, and he had a beard.  Ick.  Just…  Ick.   He’d tilt his big head back and drape whatever this was into his mouth, invariably catching the remnants in his beard.  And since traffic was stopped, Read more…

Nutrition Monday: I'm a Chobani Convert

May 10, 2010 18 comments

No, I haven’t joined an obscure Eastern religion – I’m still a Methodist.  For those of you uninitiated in the Greek yogurt craze that’s sweeping foodies and health nuts across the nation, Chobani is a brand of Greek yogurt, usually with fruit on the bottom.  My nutritionist recommended Chobani to me way back at our very first appointment on my actual 30th birthday last October.  I’ve never been much of a yogurt person, thinking even Breyer’s or Yoplait tasted like flavored bad breath until I was well into my twenties, so this Greek yogurt thing scared me a little bit.  Greek yogurt is more pungent than regular yogurt, and I blogged months back on how I just couldn’t do Greek yogurt, or a Scandinavian (maybe it was Icelandic, I can’t rememeber) yogurt called Skyr that I tried.  You can read the details here, but long story short, I thought they tasted like @$$.

The last time I tried Chobani was literally the day after I first met with my nutritionist in October.  That was enough for me at the time.  Truly.  My nutritionist is amazing, so I thought we just happened to have different taste preferences when it came to this stuff.  Nutritionally, Greek yogurt has a much higher protein content than regular yogurt, so it fills you up more effectively (at least this is my layman’s understanding of the concept), but I had decided I didn’t like Greek yogurt, and that was that.  (I can be quite decisive with food when I want to be).  Then a series of seemingly innocuous conversations and readings of tweets got me to reconsider.  A couple of weeks ago I was Read more…

Weekly Weigh-In: Going Bananas

May 8, 2010 12 comments

First, a little fun.  Nearly every morning, I have cereal with either half a banana, dried cherries, or blueberries for breakfast.  This morning when I had my cereal, I couldn’t get the Ba nah-nah-nah song out of my mind.  (Yes – if you read last week’s weigh in post, I apparently go around on Saturday mornings with songs stuck in my head.)  If you haven’t seen it – here’s the YouTube sensation you’ve been missing:

Getting down to more serious business…  I apparently went bananas with my weight loss this week, too.  Well, not quite, but I did post a gain for the first time in a long time.  It’s fairly negligible at .8 pounds, but it’s a gain nonetheless, which is not the right direction for the scales to move.  I had planned to substitute my weekly weigh in post this week with a six month retrospective.  But I thought this gain deserved a post all its own so I could examine why it happened, and not spoil the celebration that will be my six month post.

So why did it happen?  I could say it was fluid retention from a high sodium meal the night before, or just that inexplicable variation that sometimes happens, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it this week.  As I looked back at my food records, I saw the Mexican dinner with my friend last Saturday night that included more chips than I would normally eat, a wickedly good margarita, plus my half of an order of sopapillas that the waiter sent out because it was our first time trying the restaurant.  And I saw the sinfully delicious frozen mocha drink I had at Caribou Coffee later that night.  And I saw the little mini-binge I had Wednesday night, when I came home exhausted after having had a sleep study the night before, and then spent 13 hours at the hospital with my dad after his knee replacement surgery.  Other than those transgressions, my nutrition for the week was pretty good, but I honestly expected those two nights to add up to a little more than a .8 pound gain.

Especially given that I exercised once, yes once, all week long.  My exercise motivation since finishing my 5K has been dismal.  I think it’s a combination of things, including a bit of a mind-game that you play with yourself after accomplishing a goal like a race, and also a few things going on that have made my career and home life kind of bananas lately, but it’s not something I’m happy about.  So today, when I saw the gain on the scale, I pulled the trigger on registering for my next 5K – the Save our Skin (SOS) 5K here in Atlanta benefiting the Skin Cancer Awareness Network on May 29!  Having a race out in front of me really does give me the extra motivation to haul my fat @$$ off the couch and onto the pavement.  And I’m going for a session with my trainer, Anna, on Monday where I fully expect and hope to be totally whipped.

So that’s my story this week, and as much as I wish I didn’t have to, I’m sticking to it…  Here are the stats:

Starting Weight (10/31/09): 308 pounds

Last Week (5/1/10): 247.4 pounds

This Week (5/8/10): 248.2 pounds

Weekly Gain: 0.8 pounds

Total Loss: 59.8 pounds

Blogging and Balance

May 6, 2010 12 comments

It’s been a full week.  My dad had knee replacement surgery yesterday, and I spent 13+ hours at the hospital with him (he’s doing great – going home tomorrow), I had my own little medical test Tuesday night (a sleep study – more to come in a future post…), and a lot going on with my career right now, too.  Which has left little time this week for a) exercise (ugh), and b) blogging.  It’s okay – I’ve been focused on the things I needed to be focused on this week, but I’ve definitely missed checking in regularly here on the blog, and checking your blogs, too.  I did make the rounds on Google Reader this afternoon, so I’m getting caught up on my blog reading, so I thought tonight I’d do a little blog writing, too.  My weekend without blogging turned into almost a week, though!

This all reminded me of a time, maybe a month into writing this blog, when I got totally out of balance with blogging, though.  I was spending almost all of my down time working on the blog.  First it was the layout, then it was migrating from to a self-hosted site, then it was getting myself setup with AdSense and as an Amazon affiliate, then it was checking my stats, and checking my stats, and checking my stats.  I was a little obsessed.  I was enjoying it, and I wasn’t sacrificing time with family and friends, but I was sacrificing time to exercise, and I felt like I was running out of material to write about, because my free time was spent, well, blogging.

I realized I had gotten totally out of balance with blogging. had become my focus, to the detriment of Read more…

The Weekend

May 2, 2010 9 comments

I mentioned yesterday that I would be posting a special six month post today. I will be doing a six month post this week, but it’s way too nice outside today, and I’m enjoying my weekend way too much to take a blogging break right now… So enjoy your weekend, too, and check back tomorrow for Nutrition Monday and for a six month post later this week!

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