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One Week Down, 140 Days to Go: Scoring Me vs. Old Habits

June 12, 2011

Okay – so I’m extremely pleased with some things that happened this week. I’m not so pleased with others. So here’s a little scorecard for myself with 140 days left before the Marine Corps Marathon.

Running Schedule (weekdays) – Chad, 1 – Old Habits, 0

I’m very happy with my running schedule during the week.  I’ve begun waking up much earlier than I used to, and I got in weekday 6:30am runs.  Wow – there are actually other people out at that time of day!  This is news to one who has always slept for as long as possible in the mornings – clinging to my blankets until the last possible second.  This change is proof that you CAN make lifestyle changes, and I’m looking forward to my morning runs this next week!  All this in the midst of working on a case where I’m having to bill 50 hours a week, meaning nearly 60 hour work weeks for me.  I’m rocking this weekday schedule!

Running schedule (weekends) – Chad, 0 – Old Habits, 1

I’m not nearly as pleased with my running schedule this weekend.  I didn’t run.  Ugh.  Yesterday, I slept in till 8:45, then I had to go into the office for a little while, and then I had a noon lunch.  After all that, I had some grocery shopping to do, and barely had time to breathe at home before I got ready for my evening plans.  Today was church, lunch, and then an afternoon spent with the dog.  I did take her for a long walk in Piedmont Park, but it was, truly a walk in the park.  Better than no exercise but not a run.  On the upside, Greta enjoyed it (even if this photo is a little dark!):

Running Intensity – Chad, 1 – Old Habits, 1

I’m going to call this one a wash for now.   Since it was my first week out, I’m not going to be hard on myself, but my pace wasn’t fantastic.  Certainly didn’t finish running 3 miles without numerous walking breaks.  This concerns me a little bit, but I’m being easy on myself for this week.  I need to push myself a little harder next week.

Nutrition – Chad, 1 – Old Habits, 1

This is another wash.  My nutrition is much improved this past week.  I’m getting back to healthier choices, and I’m paying more attention to eating often to keep my blood sugars regulated (I’m not diabetic, but I am insulin resistant, so I have to be aware of blood sugars and choices of complex carbohydrates and whole grains).  I had a few lapses – like my lunch today at Atlanta’s legendary “The Collonade” – fried salmon croquettes with mashed potatoes, turnip greens, and banana pudding for dessert…  To keep losing consistently, I have to be really clean with my food everyday.

So…that’s Chad, 3 – Old Habits, 3…but – I’m giving myself a bonus point for getting back to blogging, and for making myself accountable by telling a few friends and others what I’m doing.  So overall, the week was a success!

Chad, 4 – Old Habits, 3

Doing pretty well, but gotta keep the old habits beaten down…  How would you score yourself this past week?

  1. June 13, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    I did okay…my walking has been the best it’s been in months…but my nutrition has been crap, which is kind of my M.O. lately…I’m workin’ on it though!

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