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Weekly Weigh In #1: Defeating Cake with a Pencil

July 21, 2012

Here we go…  Friday was my first weekly weigh in.  I have to say, this past week since seeing my nutritionist, it felt really good to be back on track with healthy eating. Using easy guidelines to eat healthily bets counting calories on an iPhone app any day (those pure calorie count apps always led me to eat a fast food meal, fit it in my calories, and then go hungry for much of the day).  My weight yesterday morning…  254.2!!!!!  That’s 4.4 pounds down from my initial weight of 258.6 last week!

Food Journal

Can you defeat temptation with something as simple as a pencil? You bet.

I was rocking it this week, if I do say so myself.  I made it to the park for a walk three days, I stuck to a sensible, healthy eating plan, and I defeated the best cake in Atlanta with the power of a pencil.  Okay – it was the note app on my iPhone, but you get the idea.  How, what, why, you may ask…

I’ll preface this by saying, I really love the firm I began working for in April.  They really go all out in making employees feel appreciated, and there are lots of office gatherings that are really, genuinely fun.  This past week was our quarterly birthday party for everyone who had a birthday in the past three months.  Part of what makes it so great is that they don’t just order some generic sheet cake from the local grocery store or warehouse club.  Nope, they order beautiful and delicious layer cakes from the bakery in Atlanta I love the most, Piece of Cake.

I still remember the first time I tasted Piece of Cake’s legendary strawberry cake.  I was probably about twelve years old, and someone had brought one to a holiday dinner my mom was hosting.  It was pure goodness in my mouth.  They only have it for a limited time in the summer when strawberries are at their sweetest, and it’s a cake that will absolutely make your tongue slap your forehead.  There are only two foods where I still distinctly remember the first time I tried them.  Starburst is the first.  Piece of Cake is the second.  That’s how good it is.

So I actually missed the birthday party because I was working on a rush request at work, but when I ventured into the kitchen later that afternoon, there they were in all their glory.  Three Piece of Cake layer cakes on the island, including, you guessed it, strawberry!  I was tempted, but the biggest thing that kept me from indulging was knowing one simple thing – that I would have to write it down in my food journal.

Keeping a food journal is quite possibly the biggest way in which lost the bulk of my weight a couple of years ago.  Every week, I start a new note on my iPhone using the notes app.  And then I write down what I eat and at what time, everyday.  At the end of the week, there’s a handy dandy button to e-mail the note, and I send it off to my nutritionist along with the weight from my weigh in.  It does two things for me:  1) It forces me to be aware of what and how much is going into my mouth each day, and 2) Since I’m sending it to my nutritionist, I know that someone else will see it, and that keeps me accountable, in and of itself.

So whether you’re trying to lose 5 pounds or 500, I think keeping a food journal is a great first step.  Make yourself aware of how much and what you’re eating, and then use it to help yourself make changes.  And commit to sending it to one person you trust each week.  I’m lucky to have an amazing nutritionist who’s willing to read it and give me feedback, and a trainer or nutritionist with some expertise is ideal, but this could also be a friend or family member.  Just be sure it’s someone who won’t judge you, but won’t justify any poor choices either.  Someone with whom you’re comfortable discussing your weight, and not someone who may play into some of your own head trash about your body (be that a spouse, parent, sibling, etc.)

Do you keep a food journal?  How has it helped you in your weight loss journey?

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