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Birthday Cake Oreos: Living (and Eating) in the World

August 7, 2012

This weekend, I posted about a trip I took to a Trappist Monastery here in the Atlanta area.  These monks basically withdraw from the world in order to connect with God.  Tonight as I walked through Publix (a wonderful grocery store here in the southeastern United States), it struck me that the same is not possible for most of us with our diet if we plan to lose weight and maintain that loss.  We can keep our pantries as clean as possible, and we can eat well most of the time, but we will never be able to fully insulate ourselves from all temptations – not if we’re living, and eating, in the real world.

You see, as I went through Publix picking up a few healthy items I needed to finish my week (truly healthy – carrots, cherries, low fat cheese), my eyes ran across something I had only heard about, and had been looking for in my local store for months but had yet to find.  The elusive special edition

The Elusive, Limited Edition, Birthday Cake Oreos!

Birthday Cake Oreo!!!  I literally heard little Nabisco angels singing, and I swear a little spotlight highlighted the box as I saw it.  Don’t you see it, too?

Oreos have always been my favorite snack cookie.  Even before they released their amazing gay pride Oreo picture onto Facebook last month (<– click that link for more on the photo and the story – p.s. they got boycotted, too, and no one cried foul that their free speech was being threatened…just sayin’)  Anyway, this limited edition Oreo is in celebration of their 100th birthday, and it tastes like, get this, birthday cake.  When I saw that my grocery store had finally gotten them back in stock, I couldn’t pass them up.

That’s part of learning to eat in the real world.  I’m going to have to eat healthily while I’m in the real world – not just cut myself off from some foods completely.  I’ve mentioned before that I allow myself one, 150 calorie treat each evening.  For 140 calories, I can have two of these birthday cake Oreos.  And that’s what I’ll do – not half the box, not the whole box, but two.  I’ll try the cookies I’ve been drooling over for months, AND I’ll stick to my eating plan.  It’s not an either/or proposition.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to maintain this (what will hopefully be a lifelong) effort at healthy nutrition.

So how were they?  Hang on…lemme go open them and give them a try.  As Linda Richmon would say, “Tawlk amongst yourselves.  I’ll give you a topic: is a cookie-cake neither a cookie nor a cake, or is it both?”  Be right back…

………..OmiGAWD y’all…  These things lived up to my six month wait for them!!!!!  You open the box and the scent of cake batter smacks you in the face!  And they flavor is ah-mazing, with lots of filling, life the double-stuft Oreo.  Now – I just need a reduced fat, low calorie, double-stuft Oreo, and I’ll be set!  LOL.


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