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Motivation Week!

August 11, 2012

This week turned out to be a week of awesome motivation on a few fronts.  First, though not necessarily foremost, Friday was my weekly weigh-in, and I made more progress!  My weight this week was 248.9!!!  That’s down 1.1 pounds from last week, 9.7 pounds from when I restarted this journey in July, and about 66 pounds total from my estimated highest weight of 315 pounds sometime in 2009!  Weight loss is always a good motivator to continue with my diet and nutrition efforts; it’s the reason I’m doing this, after all.

However, the numbers on the scale alone are not the biggest motivators to keep going; at least not this week.  The biggest motivator for this week came yesterday as I was walking down the hall at work.  Two co-workers were standing in our lounge watching Olympic swimmers with unnaturally amazing bodies on television, and they were commenting on their ridiculous physiques.  As I got within earshot, one of the ladies said to me, “Speaking of physiques, have you lost weight?”

As anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, these are the comments that can help fuel you through weeks with small losses on the scale and give you the strength to resist those caramel glazed doughnuts sprinkled with crispy bacon (yes, my office had those brought in within the last couple of weeks).  It’s one thing to look in the mirror as you first begin to lose weight and think you may look a little slimmer.  It’s another thing altogether when someone who has no idea you’ve even been trying to lose weight notices the difference!  It. Was. Awesome.

But, don’t underestimate the power of seeing the changes in yourself either.  My work clothes are starting to fit better, and I’ve made it back into a couple of casual shirts that hadn’t been fitting very well.  Today I went to get my haircut, something I do once every four weeks, and you’re forced to awkwardly stare at your face in a mirror for forty-five minutes, cut off at the neck by a cape.  I realized today that the puffy roundness I felt like my face had for the past year was starting to fade away.  In fact, with the cape covering everything but my head, I didn’t look like a terribly overweight person at all!  That was an awesome feeling, too, and very motivating.

Another motivating factor this week was something I did quite purposefully, with the intent of providing continued motivation.  I registered for the Run Like Hell 5K at Atlanta’s Historic Oakland Cemetery.  If you’re not familiar with Oakland, its an absolutely beautiful urban cemetery just outside of downtown Atlanta with spectacular view of the skyline.  It’s a veritable who’s who of old Atlanta’s dead – with legends like Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell, golf legend Bobby Jones, and various and sundry mayors and Coca-Cola royalty buried on those hallowed grounds.  However, one Saturday in October, close to Halloween, the peaceful cemetery comes to life with mardi-gras style jazz bands and runners in all kinds of ridiculous costumes gathering for what is the most fun 5K I’ve ever participated in!  The surroundings are beautiful, the crowd is entertaining, and the whole event has more than a little sense of humor (the kids’ 1K fun run is appropriately named the Run Like “Heck”).  So that gives me motivation, too, to keep up with my exercise so that I’m able to participate in an event that I really enjoy.

So overall, this week was pretty motivating for me!  What motivates you?



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