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No Day But Today! (And other ramblings for the week)

August 19, 2012

[WARNING: This blog post is all over the place. I couldn’t help it.  Too much I wanted to share.]

For some reason I can’t explain, “Finale B” from the musical RENT has been stuck in my head for the past few days.  It was always my favorite song from RENT, but I guess despite singing along mindlessly, I hadn’t really paid attention to the words in a way that would help me really start to put into practice the amazing message it’s trying to convey.  (By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with the song, click here, to see it on YouTube.)  Among the lyrics in the song are “There is no future, there is no past, thank God this moment’s not the last!   No other path, no other way, no day but today!”

So as the Germans (my people! – well kind of, I’m part English, Irish, and French, too) say, I’ve had this flea in my ear for days, and yesterday, I finally started thinking, “huh – maybe there’s a lesson in here.” Then, if there were any question as to my needing to learn a lesson from this, my pastor this morning had as one theme of her sermon that we need to live in the here and now, and as another theme, the importance of singing.  BAM – smacked upside the head with the fact that this song has been in my ear for a reason.

So…upon reflection, there’s a lot I need to learn about living in the here and now.  Most of which is beyond the purview of this health and fitness blog, but part of which is totally relevant here.   For example, this past Friday was my weekly weigh in day.  I worked hard all week, exercised, ate out a little too much last weekend, but ordered well, and I should have lost at least a little weight.  But I stepped on the scales Friday morning, and was hit like a slab of bacon to the ass with a .4 pound weight GAIN!

I was pissed.  All my hard work, and that?!  Obviously all justice left in the world had gone to hell in a hand basket.  I sulked a little.  I looked back over my food records to see what went wrong.  I beat myself up a tiny bit over my eating out.  But then…I made up my mind to control that day.  And the next day…to do well again.  And today…to do well yet again.  One day at a time…  One pound at a time… That’s how weight is lost.  No Day But Today.

Without going into embarrassing detail, but in keeping with the brutal honesty of this blog to help inspire anyone who might be dealing with the same thing, I also realized I hadn’t been hydrating properly last week, which was leading to some…let’s just say digestive issues.  I began hydrating again, which helped things get back to normal, and within the couple of days since Friday I actually have posted a loss from last week.  But I’ll save those details for next week’s weigh in and post!

The other thing I’ve noticed this week is the return of something that I gained during the first phase of my weight loss journey.  Confidence!  Once you lose a good bit of weight and begin to see significant changes in your body, you finally start to see yourself not as obese, but as an attractive individual.  At least I did.  And at my lowest weight a couple of years ago, I had self-confidence to spare!  And believe it or not, it attracted other people, whether as friends, dates, casual acquaintances in a store or line, etc.  When I gained a bit back, that confidence kind of got checked again.  But within striking distance of my lowest weight again, I can feel it creeping back in, and it feels good!

So I’m taking things one day at a time – and learning in so many ways to internalize the lesson of “No Day But Today!”  In a shout out, since I am still a foodie at heart, it was Julia Child’s 100th birthday this past week, and she lived this carpe diem philosophy pretty amazingly.  PBS put together a great video of her for her birthday, that won’t inspire the healthiest of thoughts, but is worth sharing nonetheless.  So enjoy, I’ll talk to you next week, Bon Appetit!, and No Day But Today!

  1. August 21, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    Woot for Julia Child. Woot for proper digestion. Woot for confidence!

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