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Observations from the Coffee Shop

September 3, 2012

This past week was interesting. I felt like I was a bit off balance – thinking I was getting a cold that turned out to be my fall allergies kicking in a little earlier than I expected, a couple of meals that weren’t really the healthiest choices I could have made, and a crazy day or two at work. I was really anticipating a not so hot week on the scales. But Friday morning rolled around, and I was shocked to weigh in at 242.9 pounds! That was a 2.7 pound loss from the prior Friday, a 15.7 pound loss from when I restarted my journey in July, and a 72 pound loss from my estimated highest weight of 315 in 2009!

Looking back, I think a couple of things worked in my favor. First, I cooked at home a good bit last week. I made a conscious effort to buy fresh vegetables, so that the idea of eating dinner at home would be appealing (not just microwaved frozen veggies). Also, I’m pretty good at using simple cooking techniques to make tasty, yet healthy, meals. A little knowledge of cookery really does go a long way, and I think it’s pretty useful if you’re trying to eat healthily that you have the tools you need to make things easy on yourself. So I actually think I was trying to compensate for the few higher calorie meals, and I wasn’t even thinking about it. This makes me really happy – I feel like it shows an internalization of healthier habits, and I’m hoping it continues.

So with that out of the way, I’m enjoying the hell out of a day off work today, and I’m set up here at my favorite coffee shop in the whole world typing away. And I can’t help but make a few unrelated and random observations of things that are on my mind.

1) To the hipster high school and college-aged young women out there: this high-waisted, daisy duke-ish, denim short trend that goes above your belly button by six inches but barely covers your bidness needs to end. For the love of

everything good and decent. You’ll regret this fad when you look back on your instagram account in a few years. You look stupid.

2) I’m glad I’m done with law school. Yes, it’s been seven years since I graduated, but these law students studying a couple of tables away look haggard, and it’s only Labor Day. It makes me grateful even this far out. Law school is where I gained the vast majority of the weight that I’m still trying to lose.

3) I’m loving the hell out of my collar bones. In the past few weeks for some reason, my chest and upper body have thinned out more than ever before – even when I was at my lowest weight a couple of years ago. Reaching up to scratch my neck and feeling something so solid there never gets old. Yep – I just scratched my neck for no good reason. Don’t judge…

4) Three-day weekends rock my world. I love my job. I love my co-workers. I love my time away from the office. It’s all about balance. I’m thinking this three day weekend thing is much more humane than the normal two days. I’d gladly work four ten hour days to have this every week.

5) As much as the three day weekends rock my world, they make eating healthily tricky. So does getting a flat tire. After spending half my afternoon dealing with that on Saturday, and missing my lunch and my snack, it was all too easy to justify a fried seafood dinner with key-lime pie. Damn storm drain sticking out in the road that assaulted my car… Hoping to get this back under control by next week’s weigh in. Maybe I should take the bus.

6) To the girl who just sneezed like a tornado siren in the coffee shop, causing the girl next to me to scream in terror like a horror-movie star – I am sending you the bill for the new pair of stylish boxer briefs I may need to buy.

See you next week! Stay healthy!




  1. Jef
    September 3, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    The fact that you’re not zipping through life on auto pilot speaks to your success. So many people live life unconsciously, so when you have key life pie, eat it slowly and enjoy it. The vegetables will be waiting for you.

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