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Minor Setbacks :-/ and Lentil Soup :-)

December 2, 2012
French Lentil Soup with Multi-Grain French Bread and Steamed Green Beans

French Lentil Soup with Multi-Grain French Bread and Steamed Green Beans

My weigh-in this past Friday was my first post-Thanksgiving, and it didn’t go quite how I would’ve liked.  I didn’t gain a ridiculous amount of weight, but I did gain.  I weighed in at 228.8 pounds on Friday, up 1.7 pounds from my last weigh in on Thanksgiving morning.  Honestly, it’s not that bad.  I had hoped to keep my weight steady, and maybe even post a modest loss, but gaining less than 2 pounds and staying below 230 really isn’t terrible.  It’s no excuse, but I also wrenched my back on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which hindered my exercise going forward.  I went for a walk today for the first time since last Saturday, and I hated not being able to jog, and the fact that my back hurt when I finished.  This too shall pass, though!

I should really be doubling down on nutrition, with exercise being problematic right now, but this weekend wasn’t great with that either.  I didn’t binge or eat too much or anything like that.  I just didn’t make the most clean choices.  A new relationship ended, I got a migraine headache, and I just wasn’t as careful with my food as I should be.  I went for Chinese last night (yeah – I had an eggroll…), and a greasy spoon today after church for eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and a pancake.  Portions were modest, but still…  So this afternoon and evening I tried to get clean with my eating again.  My snack was a banana and pecans, and my dinner?  Scratch made lentil soup…mmmmmmm…  🙂

I’ve mentioned Rachel Brandeis, my dietitian, here before.  She is all kinds of awesome, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her.  Scratch that – I do know where I’d be.  Either a) two years post bariatric surgery and possibly still not knowing how to eat, or b) dead or nearly dead.  I’m so glad I ended up doing all this without surgery, and just by learning to eat right and exercise!  Anyway, click Rachel’s name above to visit her website and get her help if you’re an Atlanta local.  I promise you won’t regret it.  Even if you don’t feel like you need a consult, you can look her up and follow her on Facebook for great tips and recipes.

Facebook is where Rachel linked to this recipe on Epicurious.com for French Lentil Soup that intrigued me.  It’s so simple.  I really wasn’t sure it would taste that good, but Rachel said it would, and I learned long ago to trust her.  So tonight I decided to make a pot of this French Lentil Soup (which it looks like came from Bon Appetit magazine originally), never having done a scratch made lentil soup before.  It.   Was.   Fan.  Freaking.  Tastic.  I thought it would need herbs.  It didn’t – the celery leaves garnishing the top were plenty.  I thought it would taste muddy.  The onions, tomatoes, and olive oil made it pleasantly sweet and succulent.

The only thing I did slightly differently from what the recipe says is that I used an immersion (stick) blender instead of a conventional blender to blend up a little of the soup so that it wasn’t completely chunky.  It was still mainly chunky, but blending it gave it enough smoothness to feel like a thick soup and not just a bowl of cooked lentils.  I couldn’t see cleaning my blender just for this when I could rinse off the immersion blender and be done with it.  I found this great loaf of multigrain French bread in the supermarket bakery that was half-baked and meant to be finished off in your oven at home, so I had a fresh-from-the-oven piece of crusty, multi-grain, French bread to go with it, and some steamed frozen green beans.  Yum.

So I’m feeling back on track – with my lentil soup providing six lunches and dinners for me this week since I cook for one.  And I’m hoping to keep much more closely to a clean diet leading up to Friday night – when I leave for a weekend in New York to see a good friend and go to a Cyndi Lauper holiday benefit concert!  Here’s to a healthy week!

  1. December 3, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    Nothing like lentils to get you back on track! So PROUD of your progress and the inspiration to others you have become — I look forward to your posts, so many can learn from the challenges you face daily to stay healthy. You are a true success!

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