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Top 10 Body Changes to Get Me Through the Holidays

December 29, 2012

So I have a couple of weeks of catching up to do with regards to reporting my weigh-ins.  In order to do it, I’ve returned to the bestest coffee shop in all the land, which I’ve often blogged from and about before.  Ground zero for my studying for the bar exam (and hence making a major career change), coming out of the closet, and various other life events.  I couldn’t take a week’s vacation and note spend some time here!  The news is good overall, and I’m proud of getting through the holidays without a complete debacle or meltdown of efforts.  In fact, the way I’ve been handling this year’s holidays makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally made the switch in my head from being on a diet/eating plan/program to living a healthier lifestyle.

All that said, the weeks surrounding Christmas have not been a time for continued weight loss, and perhaps that’s not what I should have expected this time of year.  On the Friday before Christmas, I weighed in at 222.7 pounds, the same weight I was the prior Friday.  Yesterday, the Friday after Christmas, I weighed in at 224.4 pounds.  A 1.7 pound gain from the previous two weeks’ weigh-ins.  Not too bad for Christmas, and after a couple of days to digest this gain, I can say that.  But when I weighed in yesterday morning, I was kinda pissed.

I threw a Christmas party last weekend for some friends, and I went all out with desserts and such.  I think I ended up eating more than my guests, including lots of “tasting” (yeah…tasting) while I was getting things ready for their arrival.  I was afraid I would gain weight that night, and gain I did.  The morning of Christmas Eve Monday, I weighed in up over four pounds – at 226.something (I’ve blocked out the exact number).  I got right back on the bandwagon, even watching my food intake very carefully on Christmas day itself, and the morning after Christmas, I was back down to 222.7, where I had been for the two weigh-ins leading up to Christmas, and I thought I was home free.  I exercised the day following Christmas, and my eating in the days between Christmas and my weigh-in yesterday was spot on.  So I thought for sure I’d be on track to post a small loss.

But that wasn’t meant to be.  I’ve been at this long enough now to know that day-to-day variations, don’t matter much, but it’s longer term trends that count.  That said, I do weigh myself every day.  This is against the advice of my nutritionist and friends, but I find it’s a personal preference for me that keeps me more accountable.  I know that I will face the scale each and every morning, and that helps me to stay on track each day a little better than I know I would otherwise.  I think if I weighed only once a week, I’d allow myself too much leeway in my eating and likely would not lose as much weigh overall.  The trade-off with this strategy is that I have to be less sensitive to slight variations from day-to-day, that I wouldn’t even know about if I only weighed weekly.  This is something I’m willing to do.

Overall, if I made it through Christmas with a less than two-pound gain (if this even is a true gain), as opposed to the five or ten I’ve often posted in years past, I’m doing pretty good.  And one of the other things as part of this that helps get me past the small hump of such a gain is the change to my body that’s really taken place in the last couple of months – far beyond any change I’ve achieved in the past.  While I have a little bit to go to reach my goal weight, I’m going to list out the Top Ten Body Changes with a 92 Pound Weight Loss that I’ve noticed and that keep me motivated:

1.  I have collar bones!

2.  And shoulder blades!

3.  My knees are now clearly discernible as knees and not just the fat place where my lower leg meets my upper leg.

4.  The tops of my hands have veins!

5.  And knuckles!

6.  The muscles in my upper leg are starting to have definition.

7.  I can walk into damn near any store I like and buy stylish clothes off the rack.  And sometimes a large fits, not just an XL (or god forbid the XXL or 3X’s that I wore not so long ago).

8.  My upper arms are no longer fat.

9.  I no longer have the signature “fat hump” that obese people have just above their neck on the back of their heads.

10.  My confidence is starting to match my new body!

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