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100 Pounds – Such a Tease…

February 2, 2013 2 comments
Looking into the distance - pondering how CLOSE I am to that 100 pound mark! :-)

Looking into the distance – pondering how CLOSE I am to that 100 pound mark! ūüôā

Well yesterday was weekly weigh-in day, and I posted a loss, albeit a small one, from last week. ¬†I weighed in at 217.4 pounds yesterday. ¬†That’s down .4 pounds from last week, and still leaves me 2.4 elusive pounds shy of the century mark and losing 100 pounds! ¬†I can taste that victory, and yes, it’s a measly couple of pounds, but the psychological significance of having lost¬†100 pounds is really huge. ¬† I remember when I first started this journey a few years ago, I’d watch the people on the Today show, or read the success stories in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who had lost 100 pounds, and for the first time, I thought, “They’re no different than me. ¬†I can do this, too!”

And I almost have achieved that goal! ¬†A. L. M. O. S. T….. ¬†I was kind of disappointed this week because I did really well with exercise again for the first time in a long time, and I was good with my food. ¬†My nutritionist reminded me yesterday when I told her rather disappointedly about my small loss that when you first begin exercise (which for all intents and purposes, this week was a restart), your muscles retain water, and the loss may not come immediately. ¬†So busting through this plateau will take a little bit yet.

What’s keeping me going until I hit this huge milestone along my road to a final goal weight are the changes I’ve undergone. ¬†Health, energy, and petty as it may seem, appearance. ¬†I actually really like the way I look now! ¬†I got a haircut this morning and snapped a photo with my phone today to see it from the side (see above). ¬†A few years (or even a few months) ago, a side shot of my face/head would’ve been something that made me cringe and reflexively delete the photo. ¬†But when I saw this one, I had to stop for a minute. ¬†It didn’t even look like me! ¬†I didn’t have a ridiculous double (or triple chin), there was no fat roll on the back of my head, and damn if I didn’t even see some of the muscles/tendons in my neck! ¬†I actually thought I looked…well…kinda cute! ¬†So that satisfaction – knowing I’ve changed my life for the better – that’s what’s going to propel me through until I’ve lost 100 pounds (hopefully very soon!), and then past that, to get below 200 pounds, and ultimately to reach a good final goal weight and maintain it with a healthy lifestyle that never stops.


Holding steady…

October 22, 2012 Comments off

So another short post, and apologies for not posting mid-week like I said I would. My seven year old laptop has been getting decrepit for a while. But the past two weeks it has truly been on its last legs. So much so that I broke down and ordered a new one this weekend, and I’m typing this post on my iPhone.

So I’m keeping this week’s update fairly short. On Friday, I was at 238.2 for the second week in a row. I’m happy I didn’t gain, but I was a little disappointed I didn’t lose again. The reasons are clear. I visited my parents the weekend after my last weigh in, and I indulged in lots of things I wouldn’t otherwise. I also have been struggling with exercise as the days get shorter. I like to run in Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s analog to Central Park, and by the time I get home from work, take the dog out, change, and drive the few miles to the park, it’s almost dark. I may need to join a gym soon. Ugh. I hate communal exercise. I did run both days this past weekend, though, and have been cleaner with my nutrition, so maybe I’ll get back on the downward trend this week! I’m so close to the 220’s I can taste it!

Busting Plateaus

September 30, 2012 1 comment

The past couple of week’s weigh-ins, while headed in the right direction, have been a little underwhelming. ¬†So this past week, I decided it was time to bust through this plateau in a mach three with my hair on fire kind of way. ¬†I’ll tell you what that looked like in a minute, but first things first, what were the results?

Last week, I weighed in at 239.4 pounds. ¬†This week…drumroll, please…I was down to 235.7 pounds!!!!!!! ¬†That’s a 3.7 pound loss from last week, 22.9 pounds lost since July, and almost 80 pounds lost from my estimated highest weight of 315!!! ¬†I couldn’t be more pleased. ¬†In the summer of 2010, I had gotten down to 235.2, and my initial goal this go-round was to reach 235.0 before my birthday in late October. ¬†I think it’s safe to say at this point that I will surpass that goal! ¬†So my new goal is to reach 215 pounds, another 20 pounds lost, and what will mark a 100-pound total loss from my starting weight, by New Year’s. ¬†That’s a tall order, no doubt, with the holidays thrown in, but I’m going to shoot for it, and be gentle with myself if I come up a little short, but hopefully it will keep me from giving myself carte blanche to eat anything over the holidays (though I will be enjoying myself in moderation).

So how did I break through this plateau? ¬†The easy answer is “diet and exercise,” but the more nuanced answer is Read more…

Eff You, Metabolism!

September 24, 2012 2 comments

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery – Location of my “Run Like Hell 5K” next month! And site of a beautiful early autumn walk I took yesterday.

So… ¬†I’m still losing weight, but the rapidity with which the pounds are coming off has slowed. ¬†I’m so pleased with my progress, and I’m not in any way about to give up, but the past couple of weeks have been a little frustrating. ¬†This past Friday, I weighed in at 239.4 pounds. ¬†That’s a .2 pound loss from the week before, 19.2 pounds down since I restarted in July, and about 76 pounds down from my estimated highest weight of 315 a few years ago. ¬†Two-tenths of a pound. ¬†Ho-hum.

As my nutritionist reminded me today, once the first 15-20 pounds come off, your metabolism gets nice and comfy cozy again. ¬†Ugh. ¬†And the solution? ¬†To increase exercise to get the metabolism back in gear. ¬†Double ugh. ¬†If I’m being honest, I’d have to admit that Read more…