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Ending the Year by Closing a Chapter

December 31, 2012 Comments off
My "too big" wardrobe - ready for donation to a charity helping Atlanta's LGBT youth.

My “too big” wardrobe – ready for donation to a charity helping Atlanta’s LGBT youth.

Today was the greatest day yet of this weight loss journey.  To begin, I weighed this morning, as I do everyday, and I was at my lowest weight yet of my adult life: 221.8 pounds.  A 93+ pound loss from my highest weight of about 315!!!  It’s not an “official” Friday weigh-in for me, but I’ll take it.  So I decided that as I finish up my holiday vacation from work, I’d use part of the day to do something I’ve known for a while now that I should do – clean out my closet and dresser.

I knew I needed to do this for a couple of reasons.  First, I needed to get the clothes that I wore t my higher weights out of my house.  As long as they’re available to me, there is a safety net of sorts in my mind.  The idea that if I were to balloon back up to a higher weight, at least it wouldn’t require great expense, as I’d have a built-in wardrobe to fall back on.  This…is incredibly flawed thinking.  Getting rid of that safety net of “fat clothes” is an acknowledgement and proclamation to yourself that you HAVE changed your life, and that change is here to stay.  NO TURNING BACK!

The other reason I needed to do this is that I had a ton of perfectly good, and actually really nice, clothes that were going unused.  There are plenty of people out there who are on hard times for one reason or another that could be putting these clothes to use as opposed to having them hang in my closet as an unhealthy mental block to my total reconstruction.  As I began trying everything on and sorting everything in piles of what to donate and what to keep, I was overtaken with a completely irrational fear.  What if I were to lose my job/get sick/otherwise fall on hard times and end up homeless?  I might need these clothes, if for no other reason than to use as blankets to keep myself alive when I would undoubtedly be living in a cardboard box under the interstate with all my belongings in a hijacked shopping cart!

Again…flawed thinking.  I mean, Read more…


The Summer of 1969? I’ll take 2010 (and now 2012), thanks…

July 8, 2012 3 comments

Okay…  Well… Where do I start.  I’m sitting here as we speak at my absolute favorite coffee shop in all of the world.  And for the first time in a year, almost exactly, I’m blogging.  In a really amazingly awesome way, I feel like I’ve time warped back to the summer of 2010.  Some people look back on the summer of ’69 as extraordinary and transformative.  Well, not to rub it in to the baby boomers, but I wasn’t born then.  I was ten years away from being even a glimmer in my parents’ eyes.  For me, the summer of 2010 was, and will always be, the summer that changed everything.  It was my Woodstock, my moon landing, and yes, my Stonewall riots, all rolled into one.

It all started a few months prior to the summer of 2010 I guess.   Read more…

Weekly Weigh-In: Are you Down, Down, Down, Down, Down?

May 1, 2010 10 comments

First, a video to put a smile on your face and brighten up your weekend. The Pink Glove Dance from the good folks at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon (more below on why I’m sharing this):

This morning was my first weekly weigh-in after my first 5K, and I was a little worried earlier in the week that I may actually post a gain!  I gave myself Saturday (the day of the race) off with my eating plan.  That Saturday started with the free pizza they had after the race, and devolved from there into a Mexican dinner that included queso, chalupas, and cake (it was a party for a charity organization I volunteer with, and I wanted to enjoy it).  I indulged without guilt, but the day after the 5K, my scales were up 4 pounds!!!  I’ve done well with eating since, but since my exercise this week has also been half of what I strive for  (my goal is 4 days cardio / 2 days strength training per week, and this week I only got in 2 days cardio / 1 day strength training), I was afraid I wouldn’t post a net loss this week.  But I did!  Here are the stats: Read more…

My First 5K: Three Days and Counting!

April 21, 2010 13 comments

Water for the World Run 2010 from Don Felice on Vimeo.

Yowzahs!!!  My first 5K is just three days away!  It’s still amazing that I’m starting to become, dare I say it, a runner!  That just boggles my mind.  I am by my very nature, sedentary, and I have to force myself to exercise – you know, in the same way you have to force yourself to do your taxes.  I still look at runners and think, what the hell is wrong with you?  But I guess I gotta change that mindset, because I’m joining their “running-for-the-heck-of-it-without-even-having-just-been-mugged” club!  This is really insane.

This week has been busy, and tonight was my first run since Saturday (!) – but I did really well, so I’m still confident that Saturday will come and go with me finishing the race and not checking myself into the hospital across the street from the finish line (good strategy by the race planners, by the way).  This reconstruction thing is really starting to show results, I’ve lost over Read more…

Breaking the Forty Pounds Lost Mark!

February 21, 2010 13 comments

41.5 Pounds Lost!

Saturday morning’s weekly weigh-in was fantastic; I’m down 3.5 pounds in the past week, and down 41.5 pounds from where I started on October 31, 2009!  In three plus months, I have shed the weight of a small child, a large dog, or enough butter to carve a bust of Paula Deen’s head (whichever image works best for you – and I think they actually did carve a bust of Paula Deen out of butter once!).  I’m getting excited about my progress, though I still have a ways to go.

This blog is factoring heavily into my success, both by providing me with personal accountability, and also through the amazing encouragement and support of those of you who read and comment here regularly.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started blogging, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  So…I no longer feel a need to shroud myself in anonymity, and I’ve finally decided to post some pictures here, and just be up front with the numbers themselves.  Being open about them takes away their power.  The photo above of me in blue is today – I’m at 259 pounds, down 41.5 pounds from my weight of 300.5 on October 31, 2009 when I officially began Reconstructing 30 (the day after my actual thirtieth birthday).  The photo below of me in orange is actually a couple of years ago at Thanksgiving (2007).  I probably weighed around 306 then, so it’s very close to the weight I was in October when I began this effort to transform my health and life in earnest.

Before the Reconstruction Began

Weighing over 300 pounds is a huge blow to the ego.  Nobody sets out to get that heavy – not in this world.  Unless you’re a 6’8″ giant who can actually be fit at that weight, it’s uncomfortable, unhealthy, embarrassing, and dangerous.  And I think getting back down in the 250’s has finally made me feel like I’m not a part of that “elite” club anymore.  Thank God.  I have energy again.  I have confidence again.  I laugh because I’m enjoying life and all the craziness it entails, and I don’t crack jokes just to deflect attention.

At my appointment with my primary care physician yesterday – a follow-up to my physical six months ago – I no longer had Read more…

Reconstructing 30

January 9, 2010 4 comments

Turning thirty this past October didn’t really feel like an existential crisis for me.  The age didn’t bother me, and I didn’t magically feel older just by passing that day on the calendar.  But (there’s always a but, right?), I did begin to realize that as the song says, “Time keeps on slippin’ [slippin’, slippin’] into the future,” and there was no time like the present for me to make some changes I’d been putting off for far too long.  Nutrition, exercise, living more healthily and without regrets – suddenly all those things became my priorities.

So began this project of reconstructing much of my life at the ripe old age of thirty.  Losing weight, getting fit, and living life to its fullest has become my mission.  As I write today, I’m a little over two months in, and it’s been hard work, at times frustrating, at other times rewarding, and more than a little entertaining.  Come back often to check my progress, laugh (with me and at me), learn, and realize that all of us trying to change our lifestyles are in the same boat.

Just an average guy – transforming his life at thirty…  Reconstructing 30