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Top 10 Body Changes to Get Me Through the Holidays

December 29, 2012 Comments off

So I have a couple of weeks of catching up to do with regards to reporting my weigh-ins.  In order to do it, I’ve returned to the bestest coffee shop in all the land, which I’ve often blogged from and about before.  Ground zero for my studying for the bar exam (and hence making a major career change), coming out of the closet, and various other life events.  I couldn’t take a week’s vacation and note spend some time here!  The news is good overall, and I’m proud of getting through the holidays without a complete debacle or meltdown of efforts.  In fact, the way I’ve been handling this year’s holidays makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally made the switch in my head from being on a diet/eating plan/program to living a healthier lifestyle.

All that said, the weeks surrounding Christmas have not been a time for continued weight loss, and perhaps that’s not what I should have expected this time of year.  On the Friday before Christmas, I weighed in at Read more…


Saturday – Day of Reckoning

February 19, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a long, but productive week on the Reconstructing 30 front.  I joined a gym, have lost some significant weight (here’s hoping the loss holds up for my “official” weekly weigh in tomorrow morning), and had a great follow-up appointment today with my primary care physician to keep track of my weight loss efforts.  So many of the problems I was having when I began this journey have already resolved, and I’m only part of the way to my ultimate goal!

Tomorrow, Saturday, I reckon with the scales as I do each week, and I also reckon with a new training routine!  My trainer and I had to cancel due to all the snow in Atlanta last week, but we’re rescheduled for tomorrow, and exercise masochist that I’ve become, I’m looking forward to being sore once again.  Strange how so much can change in a period of weeks.  Come back tomorrow evening and find out how it all went (assuming I’m not SO sore that I can’t sit up straight at the computer, type, or compose a coherent sentence)!

Week Without Weighing – Day 2 (Sort Of…)

February 15, 2010 4 comments

I mentioned this weekend that I have what has become  an unhealthy obsession with getting on the scales everyday.  I made a resolution not to step on the scales again until my next Saturday weekly weigh in.  I am pleased to inform you that I have failed.  Miserably.  (What can I say?  Screw Resolutions.)

Yesterday morning, I woke up, and the scales were callin’ my name.  I was truly drawn to them like a mosquito to a flame, an ambulance chaser to a ten car pile up, the star of the bachelor to the love of his life, and the love of his life, and the love of his life…  You get the picture.  I tried to resist, but Read more…